Join Us for a 3-Part Masterclass to Learn How to Properly Fuel Your Training as an Endurance Athlete

If you want to feel energized, stronger, and more powerful the further into your training plan you go, you have to be fueled properly.

Endurance athletes who don't fuel their bodies properly won't run as long, strong, or as fast as they could with the right fueling strategy!

Join us to learn how YOU can adapt your fueling to get the most out of your performance (especially if you're training for a new distance or PR)!

What We'll Cover in the Masterclass Series:

Everything endurance athletes need to know about under-fueling including:

  • The signs and symptoms that you're under-fueling (most endurance athletes are)

  • What to eat, when, and how much to maximize your performance as an endurance athlete

  • How to navigate body image as an endurance athlete

This series was pre-recorded. All students will have forever access to all classes in their Teachable account.

These sessions would be great to watch or listen to as a podcast during your next training session.