Join Us for a Coach's Corner

Hey coach, join an on-demand masterclass to learn how to recognize the signs that your athletes are underfueled and what to do to help them reach their highest potential!

If you're serious about helping your athletes feel their best while chasing down their goals, pull up a seat and take out your notebook for this class!

What We'll Cover in this Coach's Corner Masterclass

How to identify if your athletes are underfueling and how to help them fuel up properly, including:

  • How chronic underfueling leads to RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport syndrome)

  • The signs and symptoms that an athlete is underfueling and/or has RED-S

  • How to advise athletes on what to eat, when, and how much to support their training as endurance athletes

  • How to help your clients navigate body image as endurance athletes

This class was pre-recorded. All students will have forever access to the recording in their Teachable account.