Are you ready to take the steps that will transform your life from an under-fueled endurance athlete to one that is healthy, thriving and strong?

STOP obsessing over every morsel of food that goes into your mouth

STOP exercising to "burn off" fuel that you just took in

STOP restricting to control body weight and image and learn to FUEL UP for performance

Who this Program is For:

  • Any gender, any endurance sport (everyday athlete to the elite athlete)
  • Those that are in eating disorder recovery are welcome
  • Those with unintentional under-fueling issues
  • Those that are trying to regain their period
  • Those that want to learn to fuel themselves without restriction and food rules
  • Those looking for a supportive group environment
  • Those that want to optimize their nutrition for life and performance

Who this Program is not For:

  • Those that want to lose weight
  • Those that want specific 1:1 nutrition coaching
  • Those currently struggling with an active eating disorder

Example Curriculum

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